Dear Veterans, Community Members and Partners of Veterans Green Jobs:

We regret to inform you that effective September 30, 2014 Veterans Green Jobs will be dissolving as a non-profit corporation. We no longer have an employee staff and our organization has shut down all program and fund-raising related activities. Despite this unfortunate turn of events we stand proud of our many accomplishments over the past five years in providing veterans' employment services in the environmental and energy sectors, and in providing residential energy efficiency services to improve the quality of life of citizens in our region. On behalf of our Board of Directors and former staff, we thank you for being a part of this important mission and for your commitment to those who have served in the uniform of our Armed Services.

Please see the additional information below if you are seeking veterans' employment assistance or community-based residential weatherization services.

In common service to our veterans,

Mit Parsons, Ed.D.
Chairman,Board of Directors
U.S. Army Veteran

After 30 September 2014 we will no longer maintain physical office spaces or direct telephone or e-mail communications. Regular mail may be sent to:

ATTN: Board of Directors
P.O. BOX 1078, LONGMONT, CO 80502

For Veterans:

For veterans interested in careers in natural resource and outdoor conservation careers, we recommend that you visit Veterans Fire Corps. This successful program, started by Veterans Green Jobs as a collaborative effort with the Southwest Conservation Corps in 2009, established the Veterans Green Corps (VGC). This program empowers Veterans to transition to civilian life by leveraging their leadership experience to meet pressing conservation needs on public lands. The Veteran Fire Corps is a specialized VGC program that provides comprehensive training for veterans in wildfire mitigation and a pathway to federal employment with land management agencies, including the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. This program is one of the lasting legacies of Veterans Green Jobs and is fully supported by Conservation Corps throughout the U.S.

For veterans interested in farming and sustainable agricultural careers, we recommend the Farmer Veteran Coalition, which has established a nation-wide network for career development and entrepreneurship in sustainable farming. Those veterans interested in pursuing higher educational opportunities in Florida related to agriculture should contact the Florida International University's Agro-ecology Program, who are collaborating with Redland Ahead, Inc., a newly formed 501 (c) 3, to train and retain Veterans in the Florida farming communities.

For Colorado veterans seeking employment support services, we recommend contacting the Colorado Employer Support for Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Office at: Becky Small, Employment Transition Coordinator, 720-250-1188;

For Colorado Veterans seeking other than employment services, we recommend you access the Colorado Resource Portal for Veterans, developed and sponsored by Veterans Passport To Hope. This portal provides a comprehensive listing of non-profits serving veterans within our Colorado communities.

For Residential Weatherization Clients:

The Colorado Energy Office continues to provide low-income residential weatherization services for qualified residents in the Denver/Jefferson counties region. If you are interested in these services, please Contact the Energy Resource Center at (720) 236-1321 or